Last year, Bill Cosby was accused of sexually assault by dozens of women.  The story caused fans to show up to his latest comedy tour with the intention of protesting “America’s Dad” instead of going to get a good laugh.

While Cosby was not formally charged in court, his image and career took a major hit as reruns of “The Cosby Show” were pulled from TNT.

But, none of this would have come to light without Hannibal Burress’ viral standup routine in which he mentioned Cosby being a known “rapist.”

After the clip went viral, various women went public with their own recounts of their past experiences with Cosby.  Their stories included sexual assault, drugging and being intimidated into not saying anything because Cosby was such a television powerhouse that no one would believe them.

Still, because there were no official charges brought against him, the public was divided in their belief of the women and/or belief of Bill Cosby.  Buress told Jimmy Kimmel that he has received death threats over all of the madness that ensued after his “joke” went viral.


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