Listen to this #BlameEbroExclusive, a never-before-heard track from Wale and Kanye West called, “Summer League.”

Kanye West’s “So Help Me God” album is one of the most anticipated albums of the year.  According to reports, the project is “80% done” but does not have a release date– though it is expected to come in the fall.  So far, his latest single “All Day,” is doing well on the charts and his fans seem to love it, but we wanted to give you a brand new song to keep the HEAT coming.

Plus, Wale’s highly-anticipated new album, “The Album About Nothing” is set to hit stores on Mar. 31.  Currently, the DMV Native is on tour to promote this album and hang out with his fans, who he calls #TheMoonz, all over the U.S.  The buzz initially started when he dropped this epic cover and interview series with Complex, featuring his friend Jerry Seinfeld.  His new single, “Matrimony,” featuring Usher is currently making its’ way up the charts and expected to be a summer hit (if summer EVER COMES).

What do you think of #SummerLeague?  Tweet us @BlameEbro with your honest opinions.

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