In a world today where societies trust in the justice system, and police officers in general are at a low, it is nice to see a good story involving both parties that give us hope.

Asia Ford is a mother, with a husband who was forced to lose a limb to diabetes. Inspired by the struggles her husband had to go through, and determined to live a healthier lifestyle for her child, she decided to participate in the Rodes City Run in Louisville, Kentucky.

At 474 pounds, she had lost 25 pounds by the race and over 200 pounds overall, after changing her diet and eating better. As she reached mile four of the six mile run she began to lose steam, and had trouble breathing. That’s when a police officer drive beside her to make sure she was ok.

Determined to finish the race, Ford refused to stop. That’s when Lt. Aubrey Gregor got out of his car, held her hand and walked beside her as they spoke about their lives, alongside her son, together to the finish line.


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