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He just keeps #winning! After a string of heavyweight accomplishments this Chicago native is bringing it back to home base. Acting as host and backer also for the second time in a row for the event that celebrates “rap’s vibrancy and vitality” in the Chi-city streets, Common’s AAHH! Festival Returning for Second Year!!!

One thing that can’t be denied is how far this man has come, as an artist, entertainer and business man across industries. Other than the obvious blaze of “Glory” we’ve been witness to from winning its Selma Oscar, to sneakers, Hip Hop guidance, a spot onEmpire and even random voice-overs for science and tech companies (get your coins Com!), now we’re getting “back to the essence”–literally. It’s been announced Common’s AAHH! Festival Returning for Second Year and your boy will be the head MC aka master of ceremonies…

Common’s AAAH! Festival Returning for Second Year and XXL and Chicago magazine reports last year’s host was the notorious Dave Chappelle. Featured artists boasted Lil Herb, Jay Electronica, Jennifer Hudson and Lupe Fiasco, and special guests included#legends MC Lyte and De La Soul. Common even performed a set with another special guest in Kanye West. The hometown love was real and the event is also partnered with a “community showcase” of local talent which last year was run by Rhymefest.

Good looks Hip Hop! Even though he’s probably booked* (get those coins!) could we get a Chance the Rapper sighting at Common’s AAHH! Festival Returning for Second Year??? It’s only right! Even though the net was a buzz slamming the rapper formerly known as Common Sense among the #BlackCelebsBeLike hashtag for “selling out,” its obvious talk remains talk and action remains action–especially for Chicago that continues to see a lot of gun violence among other issues. Way to keep doing your thing Common.

Watch a video recap of last year’s performance featuring Yeezus himself, here.


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