If you were on the blogs on the evening of April 1st, you may have seen reports about a new secret baby by an artist with the last name Brown.  Nope, not Chris, but iconic rapper Foxy Brown.  The Brooklyn fire-spitter posted a long message on Instagram in the wee-hours of evening claiming to have a secret baby with a “man in the industry.”  She told a story of how she decided to “go public” with the information because TMZ got a hold of the story and she wanted to tell her fans before the media did.

And… People really believed her because technically, the post was put up on April 2.

The blogs ran with it!  Then, the finally cleared up the rumors with the post below.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.01.21 AM


She got everyone!  Basically, the child belongs to a close friend of hers named Tito Joy.  Her daughter, Ella, is gorgeous and already has a following of her own so people started to put two and two together before Brown decided to clear up the rumors.

Happy April Fools, indeed.

If this isn’t proof enough that people will believe anything… Well, we don’t know what else you need.  Do your own research, people.

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