Looks like Drake won’t be running through the city with his $6,000.00! Prior to Kentucky’s shattering loss Saturday night in the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament, Drake was so positive the Wildcats had this win in the bag, that he and Cali emcee The Game made a humbling $6,000 bet.

Shortly after Wisconsin beat the Wildcats 71-64, both rappers headed to Instagram to share their perspective of things. Although Drake was cool about handing over the cash, we all know he is a die-hard Kentucky fan.

He captioned his picture, “Great season for the squad. Incredible group of guys that worked extremely hard under the leadership of @ukcoachcalipari. Congrats to @losangelesconfidential for taking some money off my hands. Not many ppl can, We’ll be back next year!!! #BBN #CoachCal #BloodMoney #GameWithTheQuickComeUp #CalabasasRivalries.”

Today, Wisconsin will play against Duke as the last two standing go head to head for the championship title.  So, The Game is asking, ” Now who want this Wisconsin x Duke bet ??? ” Will Drizzy be apart of this?  We will have to wait and see.

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