From car stunts, to fast paced actions sequences, right down to the tribute for Paul Walker, Fast and Furious 7 rolled in $143.6 million dollars in ticket sales over the weekend, making this film the highest grossing April opening, in history!

Although this film was ranked #9 out of top 10 film debuts, this was no easy task. The producers of the film said they had to employ body doubles and numerous computer graphics to complete Paul Walker’s unfinished scenes.  His own brothers stepped in, who look just like the late actor.

There were appearances from many familiar faces such as T-Pain, Iggy Azalea, UFC fighter Ronda Rousey and of course the infamous Dominican bachata singer, Romeo Santos.

Neil Moritz – “ As you all know we lost someone very dear to us during the filming, Paul was the most decent, thoughtful, caring human being I have ever met. Losing him was a blow to all of us. “

Kudos to the whole Fast and Furious cast for this action thriller film with a touching ending tribute, Simply for Paul Walker.

Source: LBS

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