Although Kendrick Lamar is from Compton, California, the New England Patriots may have some interest in recruiting Kendrick as a global Ambassador for the NFL team.

The Patriots defensive end, Chandler Jones, strongly believes that Kendrick deserves to represent their team after seeing the “King Kunta” video, where is rocking a varsity jacket that had the Super Bowl champions’ throwback logo on the back.

Jones told TMZ:

“It would be really cool. I’m a huge fan of his and a lot of people on my team are too. I’ve seen [Kraft] in a lot of photos with iconic rappers like Rick Ross and artists like Usher. I would say he’s a very hip hop owner, so I‘m just saying – he wouldn’t mind some Kendrick.”

Kendrick is also seen wearing a royal blue Los Angeles Dodgers hat in the video, and fittingly, the TDE rapper is scheduled to throw the opening pitch at the Dodgers stadium on April 27,2015.

He goes from pimping a butterfly, to pimping sports teams. Just kidding! Hats off to Mr.Lamar and all his forthcoming endeavors.

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