How close is too close?

Well we all have different preferences depending on what we’re getting close to, but apparently Friday night in Tallahassee, FL, Plies called out a concertgoer who got way to close for comfort.

The fan touched Plies hand as he was on his way to enter the stage and of course, Plies security took the normal protocol and proceeded to remove him from the club before any other physical contact could take place.

Now this is where it gets ugly, Plies told security to bring back him on the stage where he then began to humiliate the fan for getting to close. Before being body slammed off the stage like two men in a wrestling match, Plies had said ” We to close to be two n–gas, We can’t be this close now.”

There have been no reports of Plies with any injuries, but as per Instagram the fan didn’t have such a happy ending. With that being said, Would you approach your favorite rapper with a sweet touch on the hand?

About The Author Julia Garced

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