Last year, when TIME Magazine included the Obama teens on their “25 Most Influential Teens” list, no one questioned it. Their mother and our amazing First Lady, Michelle spoke out about it on Live with Kelly and Michael, stating that she “doesn’t know why” or how they’re influential at all and laughing saying she doesn’t even if they know that they know themselves they are on that list.


LOL! #FirstLady @michelleobama isn’t sure why her kids were named one of TIME’s Most #Influential #Teens! #kellyandmichael #MichelleObama

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Besides their names on the list were Jaden Smith, Kendall & Kylie Jenner, and Lorde. Of course she left time to compliment the kids saying how proud she is of their self-motivation. If you didn’t know now, Malia is an aspiring filmmaker and Sasha is a budding fashionista if she isn’t considered one already.

Have Sasha And Malia influenced any of you? Let us know that they are on that list for a reason in the comments, below.


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