Oklahoma City Thunder standout and 2015 NBA All Star MVP Russell Westbrook is known for his flashy clothes, undeniable talent on the court and now, his face mask.  But yesterday, the league’s most talked about fashionisto changed a local single mother’s life.

One of his prizes from winning the coveted NBA All-Star MVP title was a free brand new KIA.  Instead of keeping the car for himself, he decided to give it to a hard-working single mom of two boys named Kerstin Gonzalez.  The surprise and emotional moment was caught on camera and posted to OKC’s social media.


Reportedly, Gonzalez initially thought the surprise was a prank and became overcome with emotion when she realized it wasn’t.  Kerstin is currently going to college to further her education in Oklahoma and needed the car.  Westbrook said he wanted to acknowledge “all the hard work she’s done to keep her family together.”

He added, “I just want to be able to help others any way I can.”

Good stuff, Russell.

About The Author Gia Peppers

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