Despite what the DNA test results are, the man who originally thought he fathered Chris Brown’s baby girl has decided to stick around. He goes by the name Brazil and is reportedly dating Brown’s baby momma Nia again, after breaking up when news broke earlier this year.

He posted this instagram photo of the baby and her puppy, Cookie:


The three all live in Houston for now, but when Chris Brown returns from tour in Africa he will probably convince them to move to LA.

As for Karrueche, is she ready to accept Royalty apart of her life like Brazil was? Chris is still publicly trying to gain her back, allegedly texting her asking to accept his daughter and apology, and leaving Instagram comments like these on her photos:


According to insiders close to the couple, she’s keeping her distance from the latest bad boy of R&B.  But, it’s only a matter of time, as she forgave him every other time so why is this time different?

On her segment with Iyanla Vanzant, she said that she learned from past her mistakes and is determined not to go back to their toxic relationship, but who knows. Let’s just hope everyone in this situation can live and let go and all maturely move on.

Truth?  It’s a WHOLE MESS.


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