Wale’s newest project, The Album About Nothing, topped the music charts and is the no. 1 album in the country.  He and Ludacris (“Ludaversal”) knocked King Kendrick’s #TPAB out of the top slot though neither artist reached 100,000 copies sold in the first week.

Still, this project has received major acclaim.  Billboard gave it a rave review, saying:

“The Album About Nothing is his most personal piece of work to date, and also his best. That hair-trigger sensitivity can be off-putting, but it’s also what makes him good at what he does. Wale will likely never find his sanity where he finds his glory, but he should at least find solace in knowing that, with all eyes on him, he delivered not only his strongest album, but the one which will define his career.”

As for Wale, he’s proud of the album and being no. 1, but he still finds the time to respond to his haters on Twitter.  After a sold out pop-up concert in DC, major press all over the country, and an appearance on ESPN, things are looking up for hip hop’s most celebrated underdog.
Good stuff, Wale.  Congrats.
If you’re late, stream the album below.

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