Two months ago, the Brown family was faced with yet another tragedy inside of their family, when Bobbi Kristina was found face-down in her Georgia home by her partner Nick Gordon on January 31.

Bobbi Kristina has been on life support since, and although we know very little facts on her health condition, there has been speculation back in February that a family friend said she was suffering seizures when doctors would try to revive her from her comatose state.

As she is still half brain-dead, her father Bobby Brown is scheduled to go on tour with Treach and Kay Gee, members of Naughty By Nature. According to Bobby, he has no desire to go on tour but he has canceled before in March and can no longer prolong the situation due to the promoters apparently holding Brown responsible to their contractual agreement.

Any parent would be torn in this situation, and its apparent that Bobby Brown is in a somber state with the thoughts of not knowing what may happen to his daughter while he away on tour in Australia.

We guess Bobbi Kristina always knew to prepare to be on her own, conscious or not.

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