Looks like Tyler is living up to his name “ The Creator.”  Overnight, he announced a new album, an app, a magazine, two singles and debuted a new video… Yea.
After the announcement of his new upcoming projects, such as his highly anticipated Golfwang app and Golf Magazine, Tyler decided to give his fans another surprise by tweeting about his upcoming album Cherry Bomb.
The album is available for preorders now and will include 13 tracks which will all be available on Monday, Apr. 13.
For fans who can’t bare to wait a whole 4 days, Tyler made two new available for purchase right now– the intro DEATHCAMP and the F*****G YOUNG/PERFECT, with vocals by Uncle Charlie (Wilson) himself.
Listen to them, here.

 Tyler The Creator has obviously been busy working, and his album release is just days away. Who’s ready for it?
 Watch his new video for “F***ing Young/Perfect,” below:

Source: HNHH

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