We have all been through a bad break up once or twice in our life, which probably left you feeling crappy about yourself or just flat out depressed. Now thinking of being depressed, one would say to describe depression in a color, we would all think something dark, like black, right?

Well not for Chris Breezy, who has now dyed his hair with a rainbow effect. following brief stints of platinum blonde and blue. Ever heard the saying from the infamous CoCo Chanel:

“ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Guess this applies to the men in the world as well. Nice to know the male species can be effected by such. Although Chris and Karrueche are still not on speaking terms, somehow we know they will most likely end up as a happy family, Chris, Karrueche and baby Royalty.

At least hopefully, because this hair do is as painful as this break up.

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