If Cam’Ron’s music isn’t the best part of you waking up already, his cereal is sure to make your first few minutes of waking up well worth getting out of bed for! The Dip Set rapper has linked up with Virgin Mega to release his own cereal named Killa Crunch.

Today, April 10th, bodegas (corner stores) all over Cam’s native New York City will have boxes stacked on the shelves to coincide with an app that launched a few months ago, Virgin Mega. In Virgin Mega, you literally join an interactive line of fellow music and pop culture fanatics for first access to exclusive products, content, and experiences inspired by artists and such. Virgin Mega has been posting the locations of the limited edition cereal which includes something fair more valuable than what you find in your Frosted Flakes.


Customers who are lucky enough to find the cereal will receive a t-shirt and $100 cash that is at the bottom of the box! On April 13th at 4pm EST, Cam will give those who downloaded the app the opportunity to cop the cereal online with the t-shirts. By the way, there’s actually no food in the box…..

killa crunch

If you have an apple phone you can download the app here from the Apple App store, and the android version can be downloaded from the Google Play store here.

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