Meek Mill just can’t seem to stay out of legal issues!  This time he has literally driven his car dealer angry enough to sue him for $250K for talking bad about his business. According to a letter sent to him by Euro Motor Sport, Inc. based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Meek went crazy on the gram last week slamming insults at the company. In a post he shows a picture of a Lambo and captioned “Make sure you never buy no cars from #eurosports selling expensive cars with salvaged tittles and lemons….. Make sure you never spend Ya money with them they thieves!!!!…If you ever been scammed by them #repost I started out buying cars from this lil bullsh*t as* lot!!! #eurosport #bullsh*tcars #f**kgeno he a scam artist!”


According to Owner Gene Morales, this whole beef started when Meek’s manager went to pick up a Rolls Royce still owing him $15k for the $200k in total car. Morales refused to hand over the keys without payment and things escalated to the point that he called the cops to get involved. He finally agreed to hand the car over for a mere $8k, but Meek still wasn’t happy about it and had to let the fans know.

Morales claims his Instagram post caused severe damage to his business and now wants the quarter of a million to cover the damage to his rep, and wants an apology along with the post being deleted. If Meek doesn’t comply, he could very well be facing his second lawsuit filed against him in a matter of days.

Source: TMZ

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