Armina Mussa, Solange’s creative partner, is reportedly in critical condition after being stabbed multiple times by Arronesia Christophe in New Orleans on the evening of April 8. The 24-year-old artist is the co-owner of the French Quarters boutique Exodus Goods and helped Solange launch her Saint Heron site/label in 2013.


Christophe claims Mussa attacked her first and the stabbing was an act of self defense. She claims Mussa told her to leave the house they were both at, and started to pull her by her hair to the ground and that is she when she began to swing her knife at Mussa. Christophe was first charged with aggravated battery, but due to the decline of Mussa’s condition to critical, Christophe is now facing charges for attempted second-degree murder.

mug shot

Armina, her family, and the Saint Heron team should know our thought and prayers are going out to them. Knowles has reportedly flown to New Orleans to be by her side every step of the way.

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