A former husband and wife couple appeared on Divorce Court recently, and the hubby was convinced his wife cheated on him with the entire Wu-Tang Clan. Yes, you read that right.

The woman admittedly met the Wu at a show and went on their tour bus afterward, eventually ending up at the hotel in 7 the next morning. She swears nothing happened, though, and that all of the guys were gentlemen – something her ex is definitely not buying.

I don’t know if I’m buying any of this story at all, though, because both were cracking up and seemed in pretty high spirits as they recanted the story to the judge. Seems like a “let’s get our 15 minutes of fame” moment if you ask me.

Either way, Method Man is pretty positive he’s never met the girl, commenting on Instagram, “She thought it was wutang… Some poser done lied to this woman… And now she thinks she’s been lovin the crew when da fact is she’s been bamboozled.”

Watch the hilarious clip below.

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