We all have to grow up and move out of mommy and daddy’s house some day…well, at least the vast majority of us. Although, it is understandable if you cannot remove yourself from your mother’s nipple.

In Bow Wow’s case, he resides in an 8 bedroom Atlanta mansion that he shares with his fiancee Erica Mena and his mother Teresa Caldwell. He claims the house is big enough, but being newly married wouldn’t you want some privacy?

Bow Wow told People Magazine,

“There’s times where I’ll be down there for three days and we don’t see each other so it’s like I’m out of town even when I’m here,” he says adding one of the pros of living so close to his mom: “I don’t have to get in the car and drive anywhere to see her. I just come up the stairs and say, “What up, Mom.’ ”

Of course there are pros and cons with your mother living under the same roof. For one you never have to travel more than a couple foot steps to see her, but some cons may be as a newlywed couple you are just learning to live with one another, and now have to add the influence of a mother.

They say momma knows best, and we will all see how long this love triangle lasts. What are your thoughts? Could you live with your mother and new fiancee?


Source: People

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