Twitter seems to be a diary for most people, a place where you go to randomly tweet whats on your mind. Over the weekend, Detroit Piston’s Brandon Jennings took his opinion to Twitter.

Jennings tweeted that he thinks Chris Brown is “way more talented” than the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Yes, you read that right.

I believe Chris Brown is way more Talented then Michael Jackson…… Only thing stopped that was stuff outside of Music. Chris Brown talent is scary Man! Chris brown dance way better then Michael Jackson bet on that. Think bout this Chris brown, if that drama outside of music don’t happen. He would be the biggest STAR out right now. I don’t even know Chris. Talent wise though sheeeesssh. Yall missing what I’m saying…… YouTube Chris brown dancing. He can do any dance move. And get on any track. He should be the Pop King.

According to what Jennings has to say, Chris Brown’s drama outside of music is the only reason why he isn’t the biggest in entertainment right now. Breezy has been in and out of trouble since his incident with Rihanna incident in 2009. He’s been in two separate nightclub shootings and been in and out of jail. There’s always a silver lining though, Breezy is officially off of probation.

But in conclusion, do we agree with Brandon Jennings?

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