Amy and Amber, we’ll let you finish, but Madonna and Drake shared the best kiss of this weekend!

As we all know, Madonna is no stranger to kissing strangers, as she locked lips with Britney Spears back in 2003 at the MTV Video Music Awards during her performance.


This time, though, she preyed on our Canadian playboy Drake! Closing out the first weekend of Coachella last night, Drizzy performed hits ranging from his classic So Far Gone tracks to his earlier albums Thank Me Later and Take Care. He also got to fit in some tracks from his If You’re Reading, This It’s Too Late mixtape – one of which was the aptly-titled, “Madonna.”

During the song, he brought out the pop icon as a surprise guest, and things were going great…until Madonna shoved her tongue down Drake’s throat.

Apparently BBW is not the only way Drake likes his women – he likes them older as well. You can check out the cougar make out session below!

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