K. Michelle and MempHitz dated many years ago, and according to K. Michelle, the situation got abusive and she soon exited stage left. During her first season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta in 2012, the singer was open about the situation and cried as she recalled it, causing both Memph and his wife Toya to speak out against her. K also said that he would steal money from his then-job at Jive Records to trick on himself.

Memph would go on to sue K. Michelle, VH1’s parent company Viacom (who used to employ him when he worked as a host on BET) and L&HH producer Mona Scott-Young for defamation of character, but nearly 3 years later, a judge has dismissed the $65 million suit.

Reports Necole Bitchie:

During the deposition, Memphitz admitted getting into a fight with the K. at a Memphis hotel, spending her budget money on jewelry and sending a text message threatening to kill her son.

He also admitted to putting a pillow and/or his hands over K.’s mouth to try to shut her up during an argument between the two, in which she reasonably thought he was trying to kill her.

So now he has no wife (as he and Toya are currently estranged,) can never work for any network under Viacom again (which includes MTV, VH1, BET, Nickelodeon…basically all the good channels,) and probably can never work at a label again either.

UPS is always hiring…..

Source: AJC

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