Yesterday (Apr.13), The Justice League NYC started its’ highly anticipated March2Justice walk in Staten Island to protest the unarmed killing of black men and to bring attention to the various injustices that have plagued communities of colors for years.

Along with fellow activists and supporters, the group began their nine day march from New York City’s Staten Island, the borough where Eric Garner got killed last July at the hands of NYPD officers, to Washington DC to deliver a ‘Justice Package.’

The package will include criminal justice reform legislation to end racial profiling and demilitarize police. Protesters began their journey April 13th by marching across the Outerbridge Crossing from NYC into New Jersey. The #March2Justice will ultimately end in a large rally & concert at The National Mall in Washington, DC on Tuesday, April 21st.



A statement from

Justice League NYC will MARCH2JUSTICE with our coalition partners to deliver a “Justice Package” of criminal justice reform legislation that will end racial profiling, demilitarize our police forces, and invest in our communities. We MARCH in solidarity with our elders, our youth, our incarcerated brothers and sisters, and the families and communities of those impacted by police brutality. We MARCH on behalf of Eric Garner. And Akai Gurley. And Jesse Hernandez. And Rekia Boyd. And Tamir Rice. And Michael Brown. And Renisha McBride. And London Colvin. And John Crawford III. And Miriam Carey. And Anthony Baez. And Ramarley Graham.

NewsOne partnered with the League to bring the march straight to you through videos, exclusives, commentary and live footage.

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