We all remember New York as one of Flava Flav’s favored admirers, and many have wondered where the reality show queen has been since. Well, she made an appearance on E!’s docu-series ‘Botched’ yesterday, where she was completely transformed. Two cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif, helped fix her breasts implants and a deviated septum which caused her nose to drip.

Pollard described how she felt like she got cheated, as her surgery didn’t go as planned.”Its like one titty is in Africa, and another one is in Europe. This tit right here feels like a bowling ball; it’s tight and it’s hard. But this one is really saggy and disgusting.” Dr.s agreed to work on her nose first which took longer than expected, but her complete after-look was nothing short of amazing

She also sat down for a ‘Botched’ after show ‘Good Work’ hosted by RuPaul, where she revealed how comfortable with her body she is now, exclaiming how she used to be a 10, but now says “I’m more like a 12.” Pollard thanked Dolly (Parton) as an inspiration for her, and says “every woman should just feel beautiful”

With this being her first TV appearance in a while, Pollard is hoping to use this opportunity to put herself back in the reality TV world and get a fresh start with a fresh pair of boobs. Looks like the H.B.I.C may be back, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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