Besides Cheech and Chong, our next favorite weed head might just be Snoop Dogg, and according to the latest news that favorite spot is sure to stay. It is said that through his acquisition firm Casa Verde Capital, Snoop Dogg has reportedly invested in a marijuana delivery start-up company called Eaze.

Keith McCarty, a former employee of Yammer, founded Eaze, which is described to be an on-demand marijuana delivery company that operates by linking California’s medical marijuana patients with local dispensaries. Although they are starting out, Eaze plans to extend outside the Bay Area and soon into other states.

Last October, Snoop Dogg touched on the topic of marijuana legalization during a conversation that included Method Man, Redman and B-Real. The dogfather went on to say, “If [President Obama] were to [legalize marijuana] there would be more jobs, there would be more money, there would be less depression, there would be less homelessness if he was to do that.”

This seems to be a great investment for Snoop, especially as the country slowly sways towards the legalization of the herb.

Source: DX

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