Yesterday, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to let everyone know she had a surprise from rapper boyfriend turned fiance(?), Meek Mill. It wasn’t long after she posted the 15-carat yellow heart shaped diamond until people started throwing shade, and by people we’re talking about Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend “ Bad Medina.”

Medina was throwing shade at Nicki, we’re guessing for rocking a similar ring, but also threw shade at Meek Mill for buying it.

Well, Meek was not with it at all, he replied on Medina’s photo she posted rocking the similar ring.


His response: “ You the only without no millions tho, B lucky Mayweather accepted ya bum a—.”
Medina has yet to say nothing back to the rapper, but there may be a possibility that Floyd will, with his history of beefing with rappers over the past is no surprise to none of us.
As far as “The engagement” goes, it has not been confirmed by Omeeka yet. Only time will tell!
Source: DNNT

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