Nicki Minaj may be a superstar and able to crossover from rap to pop, but her roots are deep in hip-hop, and having delivered countless crazy punchlines in her career, she’s able to recognize her peers who are able to do so as well. The possibly-engaged rapper recently took to Twitter give Brooklyn rapper Fabolous the props he deserves, which she feel he has not been given, went unnoticed.

Of course, Meek had to chime in and let Nicki know that he was the one to put her on the rapper’s wordplay. Check out the tweets in the gallery and let us know – do you think Fabolous deserves more recognition for his choice of words?

And for a little TBT, take a trip back in time to Nicki and Loso’s 2010 collab, “For The Money.”

Photo Gallery

Nicki Minaj on Fabolous 1

Nicki Minaj on Fabolous 2

Nicki Minaj on Fabolous 3

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