There’s no doubt that Kanye West has been an influence to the hip-hop and now fashion community, but to the world? Kanye sits down with TIME to explain why he is honored to be on this list and why he doesn’t even care if he’s remembered. Kanye is not one to hold his tongue or put himself down, his belief in himself and motivation to do better and be better got him where he is today. Kanye went on to say how rappers are role models but nowadays seem not to think and only rap. You can watch here as Kanye goes on to explain why he is not in competition with anyone but himself.


These are some of the best quotes Kanye said in his interview:

Kanye breaks the internet every time he drops some knowledge or decides not to keep his mouth shut. “Every time I say something that is extremely truthful, out loud, it literally breaks the internet. So what are we getting all of the rest of the time?”

In order to make your dreams reality, they have to be a dream first, and Kanye believes that believing in yourself and not thinking inside the box can take you far. “What’s the main thing that makes magic magic? The fact that no one believes it’s possible.”

Entering the fashion world is not easy coming from the music industry, as silly as that sounds no one takes you serious. The pressure Kanye endured in the beginning of his entering the fashion world was crazy, but Kanye goes on to say how having no one on your side at the start is okay, actually fun, and staying positive can take you a long way. “It was something fun. We had the entire world against us. It was like absolutely no allies whatsoever. Remember this moment, ‘cause it won’t always be like this. Embrace this moment when no one came to see the collection.”

Kanye then wraps the interview up by speaking about his mission in life and what the focus should be for everyone else. “Do everything you got. Give everything you got. And our focus needs to be less about what our legacy is gonna be or how we’re gonna control each other, but more, how we can give to each other.”

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