A Migos show at Georgia Southern University‘s Spring Bling concert ended abruptly over the weekend, and resulted in two of the three members getting arrested for felony drug and gun possession.

According to eye witnesses, a stage manager had the DJ cut the set short because cops had shown up, and wanted the group – along with their entourage – for questioning. There’s no word as to why they wanted to question them.

After the questioning, Quavo and Offset were taken in and charged with felony possession of a schedule 1 narcotic, including cocaine, Oxycontin and codeine, as well as a felony for carrying a loaded gun on school property, and misdemeanor marijuana possession. Multiple others were arrested as well.

After appearing in court this morning, the judge set Quavo and Takeoff‘s bond at $10,000 each, while denying bond for Offset because he is a convicted felon with prior issues. Quavo and Takeoff have yet to post, but they will likely do so by the end of the business day.

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Migos arrested copy 2

Migos arrested copy

Migos arrested

Migos arrested

Source: TMZ

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