There are plenty of things that can brighten up someone’s day, but a random act of kindness from someone you don’t even know shows that there still happens to be good-hearted people in this world. These days, everyone walks around and forgets that being courteous and kind, even to strangers, can go a long way.

On an NYC train over the weekend, a woman was selling roses, and a random gentleman comes up to inquire n how much. She tells the man that for a dozen, it would be $11. The gentleman then does his good deed for the day and asks the woman if $140.00 covers her whole batch of roses. In shock, she then starts to cry, as the man tells her:

“You’ve got to do me a favor – just give them out. Just promise me you’ll give them out. It’s a nice day to be nice.”

It really pays to be kind to others! It is truly beneficial to all involved, as the person you are being kind to benefits through your random act of kindness and you feel good about being able to make someone’s day just a little better.

Check out in the video below how this one man made this lady’s day!

I can't believe I filmed this on train!!Just saw it again and had to repost…

Posted by Maria Lopez on Saturday, April 18, 2015

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