Last week, the world was up in arms for about 5 seconds when a video of Rihanna appearing to be doing cocaine made its rounds on the web. The video was shared by countless media outlets and social media users, but one in particular caught Rihanna’s eye (as he captioned it “Rihanna snort coke now #shedanextWhitney”) – so she let him have it! Of course her Navy followed suit, and it wasn’t long before things got so bad, they found out where he lived and called the police in his town to report him as a sex offender. Sheesh!

After being forced to change all of his social media accounts and deal with the police drama, the man – real name Eric Simmons – is preparing to sue.

Via Bossip, here’s what Eric had to say:

“I was not the 1st person to release the Rihanna video. Her friends who filmed her were the 1st. Then I woke up and seen it on my Instagram. I [used] Repost Whiz [to share the video]. A lot of my followers [used] Repost wiz back and you know the IG name shows who you got your Repost Whiz from. Mines just so happened to be the most trendy.”

“Since everything has happened I’ve been questioned by many and looked at as a rapist. Being labeled a sex offender is the worse label you can have because it never goes away and your never forgiven. For the record I am not a sex offender, I have never abused or violated anyone sexually in any way shape or form.”

“Blog sites and fans as well as Rihanna wanna cyber bully me and slander my name. The accusations that were made are false and exaggerated.”

The consequences of him reposting this video with Rihanna doing coke allegations, it has not been easy for him or his family. Do you think Rihanna Navy went to far?

Do you think he has a case?

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