Mass Appeal, a hip hop news source, is using Google Maps to find the exact location the Hip Hop cover was shot. After taking inspiration from The Guardian, who did a similar piece earlier this month, Mass Appeal sourced some of Hip Hop’s most famed album covers and substituted the natural landscape where they were shot with the respective cover art.

Coming as no surprise, Nas’ debut studio album Illmatic was the first included on the list.“In honor of the 21st anniversary of this hip hop classic, which took place on April 19, we will start with Illmatic,” the Mass Appeal article says. “The cover was shot at the intersection of 10th St and 41st Ave in Queensbridge, one of the largest projects in America.”

Big L’s Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous, released in 1995, was also included in the first few.

“For the cover, Big L shot in front of The United Fried Chicken spot on the corner of 139th and Lenox, also known as Malcolm X Blvd. His debut album titled was inspired by the 1985-94 television series, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

To view the full list, visit Mass Appeal.

Here are a few pictures from the project:






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