Today on Ebro in the Morning, the topic of discussion turned to a little more serious topic – that moment you had to leave your family to better yourself. Maybe you never had to leave them, but in lots of cases people divorce themselves after decades of hoping the relationship could be different, or just because they are being held back. After all, who knows your strengths and weaknesses better than family?

But that information is a sacred trust, and some use it to inflict pain which is a betrayal of trust. It takes courage to take a stand and stop playing your dysfunctional family’s game and move on with your life on your own.

Ebro explained how he had to move on from his family, plagued with their own drug problems and various issues that held him back.  In the end, he chose his career and had to leave some of them behind.

So, have you ever had to choose between your career or your family?  How did it all go down?  We want to hear from you, let us know in the comments, below.

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