It’s been nearly four years since Yelawolf’s major label debut, Radioactive, but now the Southern emcee is ready to share his new album with us titled Love Story. For the record, Eminem, who is also the album’s executive producer, is the only feature on the album but it only proves that Yelawolf’s talent can hold its’ own.

According to a new interview with Billboard, the delay between full-length albums was solely because of his relentless dedication to getting Love Story right. In this album, he displays his love of Southern rock and country, sprinkled with his signature Bayou hip-hop flair.

With his debut only reaching #27 on the Billboard 200, he admits the album was “undercooked,” but we’re hoping for better numbers as he deeply expresses this is the album that he fought for the freedom to display the artist he truly is.

A few words from the interview with Billboard:

Around the time of Radioactive, there were ideas floating around the camp, not even particularly at all with Marshall [Mathers] and I, but ideas outside of the camp. The music business can get hairy, you know? So there were ideas about where I should be going and not really considering where I personally thought I should be going.

I was anybody’s dog on that album. I was just there to do it; “I’m in!” That’s the double-edged sword of hip-hop and being an MC: You can apply a rap verse to any music. So if you’re not careful it can be very confusing or it may seem like a project doesn’t have a specific direction. On that album there were just a few attempts with maybe the wrong production or maybe the wrong hook. Because it’s very easy to say “Insert Rapper Here.”

You’ve got the track, you’ve got the hook, just put verses on it. It’s a very microwaved style of making music. It’s not how I naturally work. Some songs do come fast but usually I’m very focused on a conceptual project. I think we just missed the mark a few times with a few songs that took the concept from what that album could have been. I’m very proud of that album and there are songs on that album that I’ll perform for the rest of my career.

Love Story, which contains 18 tracks is now available on iTunes.


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