Jaime Foxx recently sat down with our own Hot97’s Nessa to speak about his upcoming album Hollywood, advice to Chris Brown, and his joke that went viral about Bruce Jenner. Recently, we reported on Jaime’s performance with Chris and interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Show where he revealed the name of his album and how cute Chris looked backstage with baby Royalty. But while being interviewed by Nessa, Foxx went on to tell exactly what he told Chris:

“A lot of people want to see you crash and burn.  People lie to you Chris. People will tell you it’s all good and it ain’t all good.  I’ll tell you it’s all bad and it’ll get good.”

As for his controversial joke about Bruce Jenner that went viral, he explained why he decided not to apologize to Bruce with a huge public announcement.

“I’m not going to release a statement because I do jokes, and you can’t put comedians in the same bowl as CNN, FOX, you can’t do that. We do jokes. I didn’t see that joke as being any more relevant than the joke I did about Suge [Knight].”

Jaime Foxx also shared some details about his infamous past parties in Los Angeles in which Missy Elliott, Diddy, Jay Z, and The Neptunes would show up to.

Hollywood will be in stores May 18! Check out the full interview below:


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