King Ba was in Royalty’s life since her birth, originally believing to be the father until it was determined around the 9-month mark she’s a mini Breezy. Upon first hearing the news, Ba was on Instagram very upset and in shock about the situation, tagging various media outlets in his posts so as to garner more attention and sympathy for himself. During that time, Nia spoke negatively about him while clapping back in the comments on a picture (can’t remember what right now,) saying he’s doing it for attention.

Clearly they’re on better terms now as they’re apparently back together, and he is still regularly posting photos with both Royalty and her older sister (from Nia’s previous marriage.) Word around the web is he has a kid or kids of his own that he never posts, though! Shady!

For his latest stunt, he has gotten a tattoo in dedication of both mommy and baby, having “Nia” written on his forearm with a crown above it for Royalty. He has also posted-and-deleted a meme that calls out the “sperm donors.”

Now while I have nothing negative to say about this man wanting to stay in Royalty’s life – as you can’t turn off your love for someone, particularly a child whom you thought you fathered and have raised since her birth – but he is taking it way too far at this point. We cannot fault Chris for not being aware he was a father until months later, and since he has found out, he has stepped in tremendously – even fighting for mommy and baby to move to L.A.

In conclusion, this clown needs to kick rocks, be there for Nia and Royalty if he so chooses to and leave this stupid drama offline.

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