PartyNextDoor became known to the masses after Drake introduced him via his blog in 2013, but since then, we haven’t learned too much about the singer/songwriter/producer – other than the fact he makes some really dope music.

Though he’s made public appearances at concerts and does maintain a social media presence, he’d yet to grant a formal interview until finally, FADER wooed him to be their cover guy for their April/May 2015 issue. During the interview, he revealed how he got signed to OVO, how he got his name, his moves from his Mississippi to L.A. to Miami to Toronto and the consistent comparisons to The Weeknd:

“People throw that [Weeknd comparison] over me because I came at a time where people assumed I was there to fill a void,” he says, alluding to The Weeknd’s departure from the OVO fold in 2012. “A lot of things that came out of Toronto were darker at the time. But me? I’m all about colors. I’ll flip samples where one’s a completely dark song and the next one is a complete sexual song. People think my whole thing is a dark thing, but I don’t.”

Go behind-the-scenes to his cover shoot below, and head over to The FADER to read the full interview.

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