Photos of Trina began surfacing this week showing the rapper with a rather round mid-section, one on par with what could be a baby bump. Adding fuel to the fire, comedian Lunelle then took to her Instagram page to congratulate Trina on the pregnancy, which held some validity because the photos were taken while both Trina and Lunelle were on the Fantastic Voyage ’15 cruise. Unfortunately, Lunelle – and the rest of social media – had it all wrong, and poor Trina was just the victim of a bad dress.

“At this time, there is no truth to the post from comedian, Luenell. Trina is not pregnant at this time…This is assumed due to how the performance dress Trina wore that night [fit her curves],” a rep for Trina said in a statement to Necole Bitchie. “Trina is single, and is currently focused in preparation of her anticipated 6th studio album being released alongside with the artistic development of her first female artist off her record label imprint #RockstarrMusicGroup Britney T @officialBriBeauty. Amongst other endeavors, Trina is significantly busy focusing on her new direction as a business woman within music and beyond.”

Check out Lunelle’s original post and her apology in the gallery.

Photo Gallery

Trina pregnant 1

Trina pregnant 2

Trina pregnant 3

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