Let’s charge this one to the Game – literally. An unnamed process server and his photographer, Justin Willard, approached the rapper earlier this month to serve him with documents regarding an incident back in March where the Game punched an off duty officer at a basketball game.

Apparently the Game has never heard the phrase “Don’t Shoot The Messenger,” because while being served, he got so pissed off that he assaulted the photographer. The police were called in this incident, but Game was long gone by then, but that did not stop the photographer from filing a police report for battery. According to documents, Justin Willard sustained severe back, neck and head injuries he also states that Game took his camera.

So with that being done, Willard is suing for the value of his camera, medical bills, and damages but it gets better because he’s not the only one. The process server is also suing for emotional pain suffered because during the madness he hid in the car to avoid getting hit. The Game better win more bets with Drizzy because his lawyer fee will be one hefty bill.

Source: LifeIsTremendez

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