It seems Chris Brown’s black cloud of legal issues are soon to be a thing of the past. Well…hopefully.

An alleged basketball brawl that took place last year between Chris and a mean by the name of Malcolm Ausbon has finally been settled, after Ausbon alleged that Chris and 3 of his friends beat him up in the middle of the game at a 24-Hour Fitness in L.A.

TMZ reports that Ausbon’s lawyer sent Chris Brown’s attorney, Mike Geragos, a threatening letter stating that if Chris does not pay him $250k, they will go to the cops. Extortion much? Well, talk about pennies for your thoughts because in the end Aubson got paid, but no where near his asking price. The exact amount is sealed under terms of their settlement, but word is that was only 4 figures.

Chris got off easy with this one, and it’s likely due to Ausbon losing all bargaining power when he arguably blackmailed the artist. All that matters now is that this is behind Chris, and we hope for the best.

Source: TMZ

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