Jamie Foxx is the father of a beautiful 21 year old young lady named Corrine and a younger daughter named Annalise who is only 5.

Since Ebro just recently became a father 8 months ago, as his beautiful baby Izzie entered the world on the floor of his bathroom, Foxx decided to give him some advice on what to expect when Izzie is older. “Your daughter sees everything,” Foxx explained. “I thought she wasn’t seeing anything with all the girls and she said, ‘Dad, I saw everything.”

Luckily, daughters who have adventurous fathers are also extremely protective. Jamie told Ebro and Laura Stylez about the time he went to the club with his daughter at 13 and she disapproved of the women who were all over him. “Your daughter will give you a different perspective and you will give yours… I can tell immediately if the guy my daughter brings home is good for her or not.”

Watch the beginning of the interview below to hear the rest.

Are you a reformed scumbag because of your daughter? Let us know in the comments, below.

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