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When news of Big Sean and Ariana Grande‘s split was first announced, it came on behalf of a rep for the both of them, citing the cause as “scheduling conflicts” due to their demanding tour schedules. It wasn’t long before a “source” from Big Sean‘s camp said that wasn’t exactly it – as Sean felt Ari was “immature” and selfish, citing specific instances like skipping out on his major House of Blues L.A. performance to prepare for the Grammy’s the next day, and demanding he waste money on a private jet to come see her.

After getting wind of the story, though, Ariana‘s team is calling BS.

Not only are Team Grande refuting the private jet claims as well as claims that she required him to do a majority of the travel to see her, they’re saying the real final straw were Sean‘s lyrics in his Dark Sky Paradise cut, “Stay Down.”

I ain’t even gonna lie, I got a million dollar chick
With a billion dollar p****y
Every time I cum, I swear to God I feel like I be rich

Ariana allegedly felt “humiliated” because Sean was “treating her like a piece of meat,” and her grandmother even reportedly came to her and asked about the lyrics, which was “especially embarrassing.”

Um…Dark Sky Paradise came out in February, not to mention you heard the album LONG before we did. PLEASE come with a better excuse, ma.

TMZ also reports:

But our Ariana sources say it was Sean who was self-absorbed. Ariana was performing live at the Grammy’s on Sunday and during the day on Saturday when she rehearsed her voice was strained and her vocal coach ordered her not to even speak for the rest of the day, and Sean got pissed.

As for Sean saying Ariana set up the Bieber stage grab to humiliate her, Ariana says it’s total B.S. … they were already broken up and she did NOT ask Bieber to engage in a stunt. And she says Sean never even brought it up.

I’m rolling with Sean on this one thus far.

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