Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has been dating Lil Wayne on and off since 2007, and recently revealed in an interview that she has no plans of going anywhere – despite the fact he’s in a “public” relationship with Christina Milian. (Which she laughs at and says that Wayne will never truly be monogamous with anyone – ever.)

In a new interview during a promo run in London, Tina Turn Up got to talking about her bae, and of course the topic of Superhead came up. In response, Christina said:

“The thing with that situation is, I feel like that name shouldn’t even be in the category or in the same sentence as my name. I feel like we’re two different levels. They’re looking for attention. I have a lot of very positive attention by the fans, but not only the fans, but also the media. When somebody’s trying to hop on the bandwagon and try to get some attention then they’re gonna say my name.”

She went on to say she totally trusts Wayne and knows that he loves her and trusts her too. Okay boo…

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