The Apple Watch hasn’t even been released yet, but already there are third-party watch bands available for purchase.

Fashionista reports:

For the most personalized Apple Watch band possible, the company Casetify will let you print your own images from Instagram, Facebook or your photo collection onto the strap for $50. You can also go with one of its pre-designed bands. The “Galaxy Stars” version, above, is rather jazzy. (Even more unoriginal are these bands that MyCell is selling on Amazon, which rather blatantly rip off Apple’s Milanese loop and leather loop bands.)

And then there are the Kickstarter campaigns. A company called Monowear Designs is raising money to make leather, nylon and stainless steel bands and says it’s only going to need two weeks after the Apple Watch is released to fine tune the fit with the device and start shipping. Click has focused its efforts on the little metal parts that attach the band to the device; basically, you slide a pin through any 22 millimeter watch band, fasten that into the Click adapter and then slide the whole thing into the band groove on the side of the Apple Watch.

Personally I don’t see the point to an Apple Watch when we have regular watches, plus iPhones, plus MacBooks, plus iPads…but to each their own.

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