Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner and her fianceé, Glory Johnson of the Tulsa Shock, were arrested yesterday after a domestic dispute.

Baller Alert reports:

Police arrived to the couple’s home on 133rd Drive in Goodyear when Griner’s sister called police after being unsuccessful at separating a physical fight between Griner and Johnson. According to the report the WNBA stars were “in the living room throwing things at each other.” Griner told police that she and Johnson had been arguing every day and got into each other’s faces Wednesday afternoon in the home they had bought two days earlier after Johnson said Griner “disrespected” her. According to Johnson, Griner had gotten too close to her so she pushed her away in an attempt to distance themselves. “It turned into a fight,” said Griner, “Broke up. We kept arguing, mouthing back and forth, clashed again, separated us, clashed again, separated us, and here we are now.”

Brittney Griner had injuries to her wrist and fingers as well as bite marks on her hand. Glory’s injuries included lacerations to her right lip.

The ladies were released today, with neither wanting to press charges and plans to continue being together.

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Johnson's mug shot

Griner's mug shot

Griner x Johnson arrested

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