Fashion designer Rachel Roy recently won the nasty custody battle with ex-husband Dame Dash, gaining full custody of their 2 daughters. Not one to take things sitting down, Dame reacted by suing his ex for $2.5 million, accusing her of breach of contract and interfering with cash distributions due to him from their 2 business together.

Following news of the suit hitting the web, Mr. Chatty Patty then took to Instagram to go into further detail about it, writing:

I been looking the other way for years but taking my children’s money to buy shoes and car services for a company you didn’t put up a dollar for and not letting me see my kids because I’m not alright with it is the most distasteful tacky thing a person can do..,I though I had Bergdorf Goodman but ended up with Macy’s…I’m not even mad it’s just business at this point it’s just terrible what money and the perception of it does to people that will never have it…they will even spend their children’s money on it…#mainlandmentality and and told yall I was gonna get at tops n downs for being #culturevultures and still #InvestInWomen

Sadly, even his own daughter took to the comments, begging her father to leave the drama offline. “Are you serious dad?” Ava wrote. “Please stop.”

So sad…

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