Not another prank call – this time it was the real deal. Early Sunday morning in Atlanta, Lil Wayne’s tour bus got shot up.

Weezy‘s Release Partiez tour rolled into Thugger‘s city of Atlanta on Saturday night, and all was well until the very end of the evening. Around 3:30am, two of Wayne‘s buses were shot at, coming from what witnesses are saying were a Corvette and an SUV.

TMZ reports Wayne, Lil Twist and Hood were on board at least one of the buses at the time of the shooting, but no one was injured. The bus was then immediately driven to a nearby hotel and that’s when someone in Wayne’s entourage called the police. Tune has not commented on the incident, but he’s since uploaded a skating video to Instagram.

Could it be Young Thug’s people? Or just a hater? Who ever it is, we wish Wayne safe travels, always.

Meanwhile over in Tune‘s home state of Louisiana, Young Thug hit the stage at Southern University in Baton Rouge, and attendees had to let him know they go hard for their own. Fans began chanting “Wayne,” “Hollygrove” and “fuck you” as Thugger performed, but he remained calm and told them, “I still love you.”

Check out footage of both below.

Source: TMZ

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