With Ciara’s album set to release in a few days, Ciara released a few songs off of it. The first couple she released are named BMF which stands for bad motherfucker, and Dance Like We’re Making Love is next. Ciara’s latest album is named Jackie, the same as her interlude track.

The song starts off with Ciara talking to her mother, then quickly switches over to her talking her sh*t real quick. Here are some lyrics off of it:

Can’t even hate ‘cuz you know this sh*t hot / Yeah I’m that b*tch, like it or not /Better get ready cuz’ I’m not gon’ stop /  A lot of these b*tches done came and they went/ I got a few things I’ma get off my chest / Please don’t act like you ain’t heard what I said

The other song she released is named “Dance Like We’re Making Love” and very lovable, talking about her seductive side. On the baby-making song, produced by Dr. Luke and Cirkut, Ciara gets hot talking about having sex with her man:

“‘Cause once I’m turned on, you can’t turn me off”

Ciara’s latest album Jackie is set to release on May 1st by Epic Records.

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